Students will be contacted for a phone or video conference interview prior to final acceptance.

A review of current marks and previous courses will be conducted for all applicants to determine suitability for the online and condensed format for summer school programs.

Typically, students may select only ONE COURSE to complete during the summer school program due to the condensed and intense nature of the program. 

The summer school course will be the full course content broken down into daily learning activities and assignments. Most days will require the students to work 5 to 6 hours per day of instruction. While students are able to work at their own pace and their own hours, regular check-ins with teachers will be required throughout the week and participation in seminars and learning sessions. These sessions will also be recorded for students to watch again or to watch during alternative times of the day. It will be expected that students meet the teacher and course expectations for all daily assignments and course deadlines.

Device Requirements:

Students will be required to have their own digital device such as a laptop or Chromebook and their own wifi connection to access video conferences, video course content and assignments. 

Diploma Level Courses in Grade 12:

Students taking a diploma (30 level) course will be expected to write a provincial diploma exam in August following the successful completion of the course. This exam may be written in person at a writing centre that the student may need to travel to a provincial writing centre on their own expense. ALL students who are writing a Diploma Exam must register themselves for the exam through MYPASS, https://public.education.alberta.ca/PASI/myPass.


Accommodations Not Available:

Students who have utilized special accommodations for course work or exam writing under Alberta Education guidelines in your home school during the regular school year should be advised that the summer school program is unable to provide these same accommodations and provisions. Summer School compresses a semester’s worth of course materials into under 21 days and requires dedicated time outside of these school days to complete the course assignments. Additional supervision of special accommodations are not provided during this online format.