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Registration & Fees

Registration and Fees

The method of delivery for summer school this year may be Face-to-Face, online or a hybrid of the two, depending on AHS regulations and guidelines. We will inform registered students regarding instructional delivery prior to the start of summer school.

If we are instructing classes in a Face-to-Face format, we will inform students of the location of summer school classes prior to the start of summer school.  Any face-to-face instruction will follow all AHS guidelines and protocols.

Registration is to be completed online using the link below.  Once registration is processed, fees will also be paid online.

Before you begin registration, please review the following and be prepared to have this information ready before you begin your online application:

  • Students from all Wolf Creek Public Schools locations are eligible.
  • Limited spots are available for students from outside of Wolf Creek Public Schools.
  • All students enrolled must be under 20 years of age.
  • Students must be an Alberta Resident.
  • Have your Alberta Education Identification Number. This number can be found on any report card.
  • Students under 18 years of age will need parental consent given on the final registration form.
  • Students need to provide proof of prerequisite standing for courses in the application. 
  • Please have your previous grade ready to enter. For example, if you are applying for Social Studies 30-1, you must be able to provide the grade you had in Social Studies 20-1.
  • For students from outside of Wolf Creek Public Schools, please include your current or previous school.
  • For students completing Grade 9 in June 2021, some summer courses may be restricted pending academic standing. 
  • Students may only register for one course.

Prerequisite courses must be completed and passed prior to Summer School. Students who register and do not complete prerequisites will be withdrawn from the course.

Registrations will be taken until June 23, 2021. Students will be contacted prior to the start of summer school at the email address you provided during the online registration. 

It is also important to note that there is a limit to the number of students we can accept for each course.  This is why it will be best to register early to ensure enrollment in a desired course.  We also understand that some grade 11 students may wish to take 30 level courses.  Some spots in 30 level courses may be available for grade 11 students however, priority for 30 level courses will be for grade 12 students.  Again early registration is encouraged. 



Follow these steps below to begin and confirm registration for Summer School:

Step One - Course Registration:  Register online using this link. Be sure your email address and phone number(s) are entered properly as further communications will be sent using these methods. For instructions on how to register please click here.

Step 1 must be completed for your application to be processed. 

Step Two:  Students will be contacted for a phone or video conference interview prior to final acceptance.

A review of current marks and previous courses will be conducted for all applicants to determine suitability for the online and condensed format for summer school programs. Once the student is approved by the summer school principal there will be a verification form sent to you via email. This form will need to be completed in order for your registration to be finalized.


  • Students who successfully complete Grade 9 or are enrolled in Grade 10-12 that are currently registered in Wolf Creek Public Schools will be charged a registration fee of $65 per course.
  • Students who are not registered with the division are required to pay $90 per course.
  • Once students have been registered and have paid their enrollment fee, there will be no refunds provided. 

Please note: the summer school fees will not be applied to the student's account until sometime in June 2021.

Once the fees are applied, we will send you a notification by e-mail that the fee has been placed on your account and you will be required to pay this fee to confirm your spot. 

All fees can be accessed from this link


Summer school fees will be accessible by clicking on the RED TEXT - FEE PAYMENTS

Note: Students from outside of Wolf Creek School Division will also need a copy of your birth certificate and transcript of marks for previous prerequisite courses to be shown at their orientation meeting.