Frequently Asked Questions

What is the learning format of Summer School?

Summer School will be "in person" at Lacombe Composite High School in Lacombe.  We want students to be in class, every school day.  Our experience tells us that students are more successful when they are in person, directly in front of their teacher.  However, there is room for flexibility on this point for a variety of reasons.  Some learning may be done online at home.  Please discuss this with the Principal.

ALL exams are meant to be done in person, at the school.  We are exploring ways to be flexible on this point.  If this is necessary for your situation, please discuss this with the Principal. 

Where will Summer School be held?

Summer School will be held at Lacombe Composite High School at 5628 56th Ave, Lacombe, AB.  

What are the hours of operation?

Summer School will run from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.  We will allow breaks for students 10 minutes every hour and a 40-minute lunch break daily. 

Could the format of Summer School still change?

Yes.  Unfortunately, we still live in uncertain times.  We will follow all AB health regulations and provincial mandates.  If we are told that in-person learning is no longer possible, we will revert to entirely online learning.  While this is a remote possibility, it is still worth mentioning here.

Can I register for more than one course?

Not usually.  More than one complete course is not realistic with the timelines involved.  If you are upgrading marks from previously completed courses, upgrading more than one course may be possible.  This requires a conversation with the Principal.  If this applies to you, register for the one, highest priority course and discuss your needs at our earliest opportunity.

I am taking a 30-level course for the first time, do I have to write a diploma?

YES.  Students in diploma exam courses will be writing a diploma exam. 

I am taking a 30-level course for the second time, do I have to write a diploma again?

Not necessarily.  If you don't want to, you can upgrade your school based mark without rewriting your diploma.  Your previous diploma mark will still factor into your final grade.  If you do want to rewrite it, you can.  Alberta Education requires a rewrite fee for this - payable to them - when you register to rewrite your diploma on myPass.

I am going away on vacation, are the dates flexible?

No, the dates for summer school programming indicated are strictly adhered to. If you are going away you will still be expected to complete your coursework while you are gone or when you return. If your vacation destination does not have internet access, you may not want to enroll in the course.

Do I have all summer to complete the course?

No, the dates indicated are strictly adhered to. Students must finish all courses by the dates provided by their instructor.  Please refer to the calendar page to see the exact dates of summer school.

Can I finish my course earlier than scheduled?

Yes, many students who are dedicated and apply themselves regularly to the work and assignments can finish their course in less time. However, this requires dedication, commitment, and regular contact with your instructor.

Can I do my schoolwork at any time during the day?

Typically, students are required to be in class during school hours (9:00 am - 3:00 pm), so they can seek assistance from teachers. However, students can complete work or submit assignments at any time during the day. Special consideration may be given in certain circumstances.  If this is required, make sure to bring it up during your phone interview.

Will I receive transcripts and proof of course completion?

Marks will be available on PowerSchool throughout the course. At the end of the program, final grades will be sent to Alberta Education. All schools in the province of Alberta will have access to your online summer school grades when you return to your local school in September. By logging into your myPASS account at Alberta Education, you can see your course mark after completion. In diploma courses, you will be able to see your course mark, diploma exam mark, and final mark once the exam has been graded.

I live in another province. Can I take a summer course from Wolf Creek?

No. Only Alberta residents are eligible and must have an Alberta Education Student Number (ASN) to register.